[MOUSE E.P. 2004 / Yukari Telepath 2007]
Words by Watchman / Music by Narasaki

shadow of shrines fluttered red
flash turned waves, fell in sand
shining souls in eternal hush
sleep under sea, wonder dream
you swim from creation to creation
and came down like a meteor from far sky
we fostered together a joy of crystal
in the night we danced until dawn
roads of ties sunk in blue
stardust tears poured on earth
soaking heart in the final day
hide the time, around mirage
i daydream about our futurity
and came from the bottom city name of Beta
we shared our orbit on the fortune
in the noon i hugged a sun
two hearts teared up by two fortress soon
over the shipwreck, we reaced to Tiawanaco
and we danced on the carnival of Viracocoha
in the Tiawanaco the last night,
we sweared each other to the next era