coaltar of the deepers - entreaty
[newave 2002]
written by narasaki

[lyrics provided by Rob Ketcherside]


Even if you wait til later to state where this is,
Gotta cry a bit and open that door, again today
A crowd of giant human shapes rises in the sky,
Lie down calmly, and aim for the prize
When you lower your eyes, it disappears.
There's no one you can ask about it
Even if you hold your breath and try to hide your presence
The gaze of your heart never goes unnoticed
When you lower your eyes, it comes into sight again.
There's no time to ask about it.
Where you were washed ashore,
Illusion reflected then erased, [the smell ??].
Stop singing this prohibitive song.
I'll grab your hand and leave this cursed island.