JROCK (Polish) COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS 10.6.2007 Interview

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On days in Japan appears album COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS "Yukari Telepath" in connection with the postanowilysmy carry with them a brief interview.

[kichigai.pl]: Our first question will be nazyw your team. Why "COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS"? He fell to such a name?

[COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS]: At the beginning we had to call "COALTAR MAN, but at the same time, there was already an organisation of that name. Guitarist, which sometimes playing with us, przeforsowal name that we have today.

[kichigai.pl]: A few days ago wystepowaliscie at one stage, together with BUCK-TICK in the context of their tour "PARADE". What is your impression after the show?

[COTD]: It was a honor for us to play at the same stage as a team, which we respect.

[kichigai.pl]: We would like to learn something about your new disc "Yukari Telepath."  Is the style of the album will be more shoegaze or zwr?icie more towards metal?

[COTD]: DEEPERS to my wording. Not kategoryzujemy as shoegaze or metal.

[kichigai.pl]: How much has changed Japanese music scene from your debut in 1991?

[COTD]: Japanese are a race of who likes "festivals" and their temperament and taste has not changed over the years.

[kichigai.pl]: What inspires you? Any specific teams?

[COTD]: Time. No other teams inspire us, because then we'd be under the influence of their music.

[kichigai.pl]: How much change in the composition of the team wplynely on your music?

[COTD]: not noticed great changes. But we are aware that the personality of the team members have an impact on our compositions.

[kichigai.pl]: What think about comparing COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS with teams such as Plastic Tree, or My Bloody Valentine?

[COTD]: Platic Tree create a similar music. And as for My Bloody Valentine, there is nothing wrong in that, even if we do not like each other.

[kichigai.pl]: We know that in the koncertowaliscie, so we wanted to ask if there are any differences between the fans in Japan and abroad.

[COTD]: Fans in America are responding more than zywiolowo Japanese. Podobalo me so much that I wanted to dance.

[kichigai.pl]: Who concert remember best and why?

[COTD]: Maybe this will be a concert, which gave the BUCK-TICK'em. I am a big fan of them.

[kichigai.pl]: Do you have any plans regarding concerts in Europe?

[COTD]: We are open to suggestions. We are ready to come to you at any time.

[kichigai.pl]: We know that YOSHIO-san went with the team this year and we would like to know who will replace him and whether it's Kenjiro-san?

[COTD]: Kenijro is a very good musician. However, it is already in another team, and will be with us played as a guest.

[kichigai.pl]: A special question for now NARASAKI-san. Is it harder to play in two teams at the same time? Why do I want to do this step?

[COTD]: This is not so difficult. at the same time play opposite and different genres, however, of a similar nature. For its good and improving their skills.

[kichigai.pl]: And now I can go to a more relaxing questions. What you know about Poland?

[COTD]: Chopin, Warsaw.

[kichigai.pl]: What was the most terrible experiences in your life?

[COTD]: The engine car to come to an end just in the course of przejezdzania by the tracks.

[kichigai.pl]: If tomorrow was to be the end of the world, what would be your last meal?

[COTD]: Ramen

[kichigai.pl]: Moving to the end. Any message for fans from abroad?

[COTD]: Call DEEPERS to your country.

[kichigai.pl]: Thank you for the interview.