NIKE Presto [2001?]

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS - THE SYSTEMS MADE OF GREED was on this album and in a NIKE Presto commercial as, "Rage".
Not that much information is available on this album.

Presto 1: Emotions print and outdoor advertising (prior spread)
Creative Directors: John C Jay, Hironori Terai, Sumiko Sato
Art Director: Philip Lord
Copywriter: Barton Carley
Photography: Katzuyasu Hagane
Music: AOA, COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, Peace Pill, Rude Bones, feeds, Ken Ishii, DJ Krush, Indopeppsychics, Fumiya Tanaka
Animation: Imai Toons, Cavier, Hirayuki Nakao
Production: Syn Production

[Source: 100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers: Insider Secrets on Working Smart and Staying Creative by: Plazm, Sarah Dougher, Joshua Berger]