RUNAWAY BOYS (kyo & nackie) Live Review

ON PARADE BUCK-TICK FEST 6/6/2007 (@ Yokohoma Blitz)

[review by killmestop]

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I was excited to see Kyo and Nackie, though. Mostly because it would really be mostly a Coaltar of the Deepers set. Nackie
was wearing a My Bloody Valentine t-shirt (5 points to Nackie). And Kyo, if I recall correctly, had on a kind of ruffly tuxedo
shirt or something and a hat (looked kind of Droog-ish), but he only came out for the last song. However, I have two
important things to note. One, the man on bass. I could be wrong but damnit I'm certain it was Kenjirou!!!! Yes, as in calií┴gari
and sex machine guns Kenjirou! He had a cornrow patch on the right side of his head. lol Two, the second (I think) song they
played, I didn't recognize at all as it was one of those loud, screaming, thrashy numbers. BUT, for the song's intro, Nackie
whipped out a trumpet and played...damn this sounds familiar-oh-my-god it's the intro to The Cure's 'Killing an Arab'! XD I
didn't really recognize the songs except for the second to last one, which I can't recall now. They performed 'Monster' last.
That's when Kyo came out. And it was good.

setlist: 1.Hypervelocity 2.Killing An Arab 3.Rage[Systems Made of Greed] 4.THE END OF SUMMER 5.MONSTER

Kyo, Narasaki, Kenjiro Murai, Watchman, Kanno, Koji