COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS - Submerge (the theme from red anger)
music+words by Narasaki

[lyrics submitted by sophie j.]


To the people heading down the street, your wonderful voice.
laments of creators; roaring thunder.
History is looping and coming here, raging.
(red anger...)
A shadow can be seen far in the distance, what is that?
(...It's coming over here!!?)
If I face forward (If I aim my feet) and wander towards where you live
Eventually I swept down from the sky, and became a red roar of wrath.
Our voices were too far away, arrows of destruction now fall.
Before long, surging from the sea, a wave of destruction covering even the heavens
If you tremble in fear while laughing, arrows of destruction now fall.
In a faraway, nameless, poor village
your corpse emerges.
if I look back on the whereabouts of a pale love...
Herds of people head towards the harbor, in the midst of a pandemonium.
A song of appealing becomes a curse, and sparkling waves cover overhead.
a revolving lantern spins round and round, and becomes naught, just like its character (referring to its kanji character).
While looking at your dead face, there isn't even time for me to be at a loss.