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+ SEP 9, 2021 The COTD FAN Forums is now members-only because of spam bots. If you're not logged in, the forums will appear empty.
+ 30th Anniversary concert will be livestreamed 9/15

+ AUG 4, 2021 + NARASAKI released the song, Yukari Telepath 2021, in his online shop, Yorosudo. Yorosudo

+ 30th Anniversary "Deepers're Scheming" 2021 concert - 9/15 at TSUTAYA O-EAST
+ NARASAKI's designer shop: Yorosudo (overseas shipping available!)
+ Only Feedback (Hata Yusuke of cruyff in the bedroom) NARASAKI interview (with English subtitles!)

+ JUN 6, 2021 + You can pre-order the REVENGE OF THE VISITORS MiniDisc from Needlejuice Records now!
Needlejuice Records

+ MAR 30, 2021 The REVENGE OF THE VISITORS RELEASE PARTY concert will be live streamed! 2021/4/6 START/19:00 JP¥2,500

+ MAR 8, 2021 + You can now purchase the REVENGE OF THE VISITORS CD from Needlejuice Records! If you make a COTD purchase from Needlejuice Records now, it will come with a promotional sticker & pin that I designed! (limited supply!)
Needlejuice Records

+ JAN 27, 2021 + You can now listen to REVENGE OF THE VISITORS on Bandcamp and Spotify!
Bandcamp Spotify

+ JAN 26, 2021 + BLINK (REVENGE) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO is on YouTube! YouTube

+ JAN 13, 2021 + You can listen to Blink (Revenge) now on Bandcamp! Bandcamp
+ There will be new merchandise on January 14th! http://cotd.thebase.in/

+ DEC 31, 2020 + Check out the preview for REVENGE OF THE VISITORS (with footage from an old live) on YouTube! Happy New Year, everyone! YouTube

+ NOV 27, 2020 + COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' new album, REVENGE OF THE VISITORS, will be released in Japan and the U.S. on January 27th, 2021.
+ U-desper Records and Vinyl Junkie will be taking care of Japan CD releases.
+ Needlejuice Records will be releasing vinyl and cassette releases in the US. (with VARIANT VERSIONS!) Needlejuice Records
+ You can pre-order the CD version of REVENGE OF THE VISITORS on CDJapan now. CDJapan

+ NOV 5, 2020 COTD uploaded a video from 1993 YouTube
+ There will be a new announcement soon! Twitter
+ Please subscribe to U-desper Records / COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS' new YouTube channel! YouTube

+ AUG 19, 2020 + NARASAKI announced that he finished mixing the new album! Twitter

+ APR 7, 2020 + re-recorded songs/debut album, "REVENGE OF THE VISITORS" will be released spring 2020

+ DEC 10, 2019 + New COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS song, HALF LIFE, is out now!
Apple Music

+ MAR 29, 2019 + New COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS song, SUBLIMATION, is out now! It's a collaboration with the band, HOT TOASTERS. iTunes

+ DEC, 12, 2018 + COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS (VISITORS team) will be performing on January 23, 2019 at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-NEST (Vinyl Junkie Recordings New Year's Party). Tickets are on sale on December 22. info

+ NOV, 18, 2018 RABBIT EP and the SUMMER GAZER '92 music video was released on November 14, 2018! COTD also has a new online shop: http://cotd.thebase.in/

+ AUG 30, 2018 NEW song "SUMMER GAZER '92" (AUG 31) will release on iTunes & RABBIT EP is scheduled to release on November 14, 2018!
source: U-desper Records tweet
Vinyl Junkie

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