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Robot from Joy Ride PV [cosplay by HT]

Robot from Joy Ride PV [cosplay by Lostman]


My Speedy Sarah intro [DJ JoonShk & HAETAE]

Copyband of The Deepers

Speedy Sarah

Paraparanoid - Mexico

(Float Down the Liffey) ichikawayuta - NO THANK YOU

k1rokm - My Speedy Sarah

The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri - C/O/T/D (Bass cover)

Katsuharu Sato - Deepers Are Scheming

aspara gustank - Submerge

aspara gustank - C/O/T/D

aspara gustank - My Speedy Sarah

Razor5987 - Zoei (Drum cover)

Bunta Igarashi - EVIL LINE

Mulderyoutired - Submerge

Mulderyoutired - Sazabi

myspeedyrecie - Submerge (Piano cover)

Eilagam Toeorchestra - Dear Future (Piano cover)

GapingGorble - Dear Future

maugtube - The System Made of Greed

mujinaps - C/O/T/D (bass cover)

piro - Zoei

piro - your melody

Oo - Snow

Oo - Star Love

Oo - No Thank You

Surepuniru - C/O/T/D (karaoke)

Ladygrey - Mummylover (bass cover)

Kuri - C/O/T/D

100yendama - Dear Future (bass cover)

cutthroat - Dear Future (drums cover)

Chiji mei itoguchi - Dear Future (piano cover)

Hankaku ei su - My Speedy Sarah


RUNAWAY BOYS @ BUCK-TICK ON PARADE FEST 2007 [review by killmestop]